Identifying And Remediating IT Security Vulnerabilities

By Benjamin Caudill, CEO, Rhino Security Labs

Benjamin Caudill, CEO, Rhino Security Labs

Challenge of a CIO

Information security concerns are one of the biggest issues of any CIO today. Fortune 500 firms are constantly in the news as the latest victims in hacking scandals, and we provide the security assessments which prevent clients from being in the same position. We bring this same Fortune 500 experience to each client, actively identifying vulnerabilities and presenting actionable remediation steps.

Vision, Technology and Themes

Rhino Security Labs is a top-tier cyber threat mitigation firm, providing a range of security services to its clients, particularly in the area of penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and web/ mobile assessments. We provide our clients the technology, world-class consultants and customer support they have come to expect, resulting in over 98% of our customers renewing for additional services.

Customer Base

Our customers range from security-conscious startups to Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between. Attackers don’t discriminate based on location, budget, or company size, so we have customers which range in all of these.

Against a Competitive Landscape

While Rhino Security Labs has many competitors in the information security industry, none particularly stand out from the crowd. While several offer penetration testing services, these are primarily simple vulnerability assessments to meet compliance regulations - and providing customers with a false sense of security in the process. Oftentimes, clients come to us citing these experiences as past concerns when discussing project expectations.

Yet these 'second-choice' clients end up being out biggest advocates for future business - they've seen other options, dealt with the poor service and technical ability elsewhere, and recommend us to others.

Customer Value Proposition

Our service offerings help clients identify and remediate IT security vulnerabilities. By identifying (and remediating) security flaws before hackers do, we help prevent financial and reputation disaster with our clients. With the average cost of a data breach recently tagged at $5.4 million, our value proposition is very tangible in mitigating and blocking such attacks.

Customer Solutions

While we have a number of case studies from past customers, one sticks out as being particularly productive. A mid-sized retailer came to us, requesting a penetration test to assess their current security controls before the launch of a new ecommerce site. Our security experts identified a session-state flaw, allowing an attacker to pose as any user on the system, including access to personal information and password reset tools. Not only was Rhino Security Labs able to demonstrate a client's vulnerability, but also worked with client developers to identify and correct the vulnerable code. After a final remediation test, the vulnerability was mitigated and the launch of the new site was successful.

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